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When only the best will do, allow the creative minds behind Delectable

Bites​ to sculpt personalized award winning creations that will include:

FREE consultation, apothecary glassware, linen, signage, complete set-up

and break down, tables, selection of confectioneries, serving utensils,

friendly, professional and reliable customer service. Allow our team to

make your celebration go from Awww to Awesome! DB​ is happy to cater to

any crowd or budget, our possibilities are limitless and your memories and

satisfaction will be endless.


Candy Pricing:

​Grand Buffet​ ​ $300.00 4 candy jars & 2 items (serves 15-25 guests)

​Exquisite Buffet​ ​$700.00 5-7 candy jars, 3 items & 2 *items (serves 30-45 guests)

​Extreme Buffet ​ ​$1100.00 8-10 candy jars, 5 items & 3 *items (serves 50-65 guests)

Supreme Buffet $1500.00 12 candy jars, 6 items & 4 *items (serves 65-75 guests)

​Delectable Buffet​ ​$1900.00 12-15 candy jars, 6 items & 6 *items (serves 75-100


Your wish is our command, you may add a variety of sweet treats at a

nominal cost including but not limited to: chocolate covered pretzel rods

(25/dz), dipped strawberries* (45/dz), cake pops* (55/dz), covered

marshmallows (25/dz), chocolate dipped rice krispy treats (35/dz), donuts

(25/dz), macaroons* (30/dz), specialty cookies* (30/dz), designed candy

apples*(7/ea), chocolate covered oreos (25/dz), cheesecake bites* (60/dz),

madeline cookies (25/dz), shooters* (20/dz), brownies (30/dz), cupcakes*

(30/2dz), mini donuts (20/2dz), eclaires* (45/dz).

**All vendors used to build candy, delectable baked goodies & fruit

creations are purchased & certified by the FDA.

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