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Delectable Bites, Agreement


This document sets forth the agreement between (Delectable Bites​) and__________________

(Customer). The specific deliveries, statement of work and costs for the engagement are

hereby described in Exhibit A of this agreement.

Schedule of event

Date: _____________Address/Location: ___________________________

Contact number: _______________Alternate number: _____________

One-half hour delivery time line: ____________One-half hour pickup time line: _____________

Customer Responsibility/Liability

Customer is responsible for all equipment, furnishings, glassware or props damaged or lost due

to the actions of event attendees or staff not employed by DB​. Customer agrees to pay for all

replacement up to the full value of said lost or damaged items. Damage & inventory will be

assessed as soon as possible. Damages will be photographed immediately.

Customer shall provide all access to the venue two hours before and after event. Customer is

also responsible for any injury to DB​ employees resulting from the conduct of event attendees

and or staff not employed by DB​. Customer shall provide one day insurance if venue requires.

This includes parking near the entrance of said venue. Extra fees will apply for stairs & parking.

Adequate electrical power to meet the need for any prop or equipment is also required.

Delectable Bites Responsibility

Delectable Bites ​and it’s employees shall carry themselves professionally at all functions and

exhibit great customer contact while on the premises of an event. Arrive on time to assemble

and disassemble inventory, props and arrangements.

Agreement Acceptance

To accept this agreemebnt, please sign below and deliver the signed document along with

deposit to: Delectable Bites​, P.O. Box 5206 Long Beach, CA 90805

Accepted By:





City, State, Zip


Agreed & Accepted By:

____________________________________of Delectable Bites​ on Date_____________

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